Update from Work Package One: Triggerable Materials for Coatings

Within Work Package One (WP1), all triggerable nano- and micro-materials will be developed and characterized in order to work upon a specific stimulus (heat, steam, mechanical, microwave, chemical). The goal of the corresponding first deliverable (D1.1) is to give an overview of the end products which will be produced during the DECOAT project as demonstrators of the developed separation technology. The current commercial products will be modified by adding the debonding triggers into one of their layers. Later, these demonstrators will undergo sorting, debonding, and recycling at the continuous pilot line at Aimplas. The following demonstrators will be produced (Figure 1):

  • Bike bag, produced by Vaude
  • Cockpit part, produced by Daimler (MBT)
  • Switches and sockets, produced by Panasonic
  • Fascia and rear door garnish, produced by Maier

Progress M1-M6 WP1
  • Synthesis and characterization in respect of morphology, chemical composition and thermal behavior of core-shell polymer spheres with different glass temperature between the shell and the core, super absorbance polymer spheres (Figure 2), magnetic nanoparticles (Figure 3), SiO2 particles to be incorporated into formulations by different partners,
  • Integration of dummy microcapsules in coatings (Figure 4),
  • Synthesis of microwave assisted materials CNTs@SiO2 (Figure 5),
  • Development of debondable primer,
  • Guideline of specifications and requirements according to the demonstrators needs (Deliverable 1.1).