Meet the Partners: AIMPLAS

AIMPLAS – Asociación de Investigación en Materiales Plásticos y Conexas (Technological Institute of Plastics), Spain, involved in Work Pagage (WP)2, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7 and WP8.

In WP2, AIMPLAS will work on the application of the new formulations with triggerable materials on plastic substrates. The optimization of the coating process will be key to assure the suitability of the formulation in terms of processability but the current and new functionalities as well. In addition, AIMPLAS will participate in the protocol definition to evaluate the debonding effect as well as the assessment and optimisation of the separation capacity of the coating debonding systems. The achievements of this WP2 will be the technical base to continue with the future work of the following work packages.

In WP4, AIMPLAS will lead the work, managing the set up and implementation of the mechanical recycling pilot line (task 4.1). Following information obtained in WP2, the task will focus on designing, implementing, controlling and optimizing the components of the recycling pilot plant. AIMPLAS will participate in the activation system dependent process optimization at laboratory level (Task 4.2) mainly in activities related to the mechanical line. In addition, it will lead the validation of the recycling pilot line performance (Task 4.3), and will participate in the maximising of the application potential of the recycled materials (Task. 4.4.)

In this WP, AIMPLAS is in charge of D4.1. Prototype Mechanical and Chemical Recycling Pilot Line, and of D4.3. Report: pilot line validation and performance. It will be also in charge of achieving the following milestones: MS4 Selection of the most promising materials for their application and subsequent industrial tests, and of achieving the milestone MS6 Recycling pilot line operational and final risk assessment and management plan completed.

Concerning AIMPLAS participation in the remaining work packages:

In WP5, AIMPLAS will participate in all tasks leading task 5.3. Implementation of circular use cases, and participating in the eco-design of use case products, in the manufacturing of the prototypes, and in the evaluation and preparation of the industrial scale – up. Furthermore, it will be in charge of coordinating of D5.3. Demonstration Circular use cases and of achieving MS6.

In WP6, AIMPLAS will participate in task 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 in Life Cycle, Risks and Costing Assessment with the rest of partners. In addition, it will participate in the Task 6.4. to evaluate toxicity, release and exposure assessment.

In WP7, AIMPLAS will participate with the rest of partners in different dissemination activities. And in WP8, AIMPLAS will participate with reportings, planning and project risks assessments (Task 8.2) and in the Data Management Plan (Task 8.3)