The triggerable materials are are synthesized in order to be incorporated into coatings with the aim to enhance the debonding capacity between the layer and the substrate after triggering.

What has been achieved ?

  • NTUA has developed core-shell thermoresponsive copolymers, super absorbent polymers and magnetic nanoparticles that aid the debonding process between the coating layer and the substrate, due to the triggerable character of these materials.

  • DEVAN has synthesized triggerable small and large capsules of CNTs and graphene with DEHA and red nile (for debonding monitoring) for microwave testing.

  • RESCOLL worked on its debondable primer in order to better understand debonding capability and develop formulations tailored to DECOAT use cases (for use in WP2).

The next steps are the encapsulation of triggers carbon black, graphite dispersions in the shell of the microcapsules.