• In WP6 the main achievements include the evaluation of DECOAT materials and processes in terms of safety and risk assessment (T6.1) and the focus of the Safe-by-Design (SbD) strategy is in the nanoprocesses.

  • In health impact assessment (T6.4), the model cell lines (HEPG2 and HELA) were used to evaluate DECOAT’s NMs toxicity in screening studies.

  • The preliminary life cycle and cost assessments (T6.2&T6.3) of the defined four value chains (substrate: textile, plastic) have been conducted, pinpointing the environmental and cost ‘hotspots’ of the technologies under development and outlining the possible improvements to minimize impacts.

  • The first outlines of the eco-design tool (T6.5) are under development that would allow to communicate the benefits of the DECOAT solutions in industrial applications.

>> Implement safe-by-design strategy in recycling processing – first interactions with WP4

>> Completion of in vitro testing with focus on DNA alterations (study of free radicals-induced DNA damage and mutagenic capacity)

>> First version of the eco-design tool will be soon delivered (upcoming year)