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Plastic materials are abundant in our daily life. Many of these plastic objects have a coating/paint to improve their performance or improve the aesthetics. Unfortunately, these additional layers prevent recycling. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can remove them, allowing us to recycle the plastic material?

Nowadays, a shift toward a circular economy is inevitable, also within the plastics industry. More and more emphasis is put on recycling of plastics, both in industry and research.

Within this free webinar we would like to present you a broader picture of circularity in the EU plastics industry as well as an overview of current plastics recycling processes. Further, technologies to remove coatings/paints from plastics are presented, next to a study on the reprocessing of ABS and ABS/PC materials.


  • 10.00 | Introduction & Welcome 

  • 10.05 | Presentation by AIMPLAS – Q&A

    • Overview plastics recycling
    • Enhancing the recyclability of coated plastic parts in order to contribute the new EU plastic strategy in the circular economy.
  • 10.25 | Presentation by Panasonic

    • Brief information of plastic injection
    • Plastic recycling
    • Panasonic’s policy on recycling.
  • 10.35 | Presentation by Daimler

    • Usage of plastics in transport buses
    • Reason of plastic usage in buses
    • Daimler sustainability vision: the sustainability of resources in Mercedes-Benz Turk facility
    • Mercedes-Benz bus sample part in Decoat: in which automotive parts can this solution be installed? Whether the new type of designed part can be integrated into our vehicles?
  • 10.45 | Presentation by Centexbell

    • Introduction of DECOAT : on the path of plastics circularity
  • 10.55 | Presentation by Rescoll – Q&A

    • Presentation of INDAR primer
    • Potential applications for plastics on others
  • 11.15 | Presentation by CTAG – Q&A

    • Different factors affect the mechanical properties of the recycled material from coated parts; during DECOAT project, we carried out a comprehensive testing campaign to analyze them. This presentation will summarize the results, that show the potential of DECOAT solutions to reach the circularity.


Dienke Dijksterhuis
Dienke DijksterhuisProject Manager, ISWA

Information coming very soon

Ine De Vilder
Ine De VilderResearcher, Centexbel

After studies as chemical engineer, Ine De Vilder obtained her PhD in organic chemistry at Ghent University. After her studies, almost 10 years ago, she joined Centexbel as research scientist in the group ‘Textile functionalisation and surface modification’. She was involved in many private, national and European projects with a broad variety of topics. She has been involved in projects aiming at debonding of multi-layered products and development of monomaterial textile products.

Vicent Martinez
Vicent Martinez Chemical Engineer, AIMPLAS

Mr. Vicent Martinez (M), Chemical Engineer by Valencia Polytechnic University. Working as senior researcher in AIMPLAS since 2007. He has participated in several FP7 and H2020 European Projects focused in biotechnologies, materials from renewable resources and sustainability (T2SME CUSTOM-IMD, NMP NATEX, R4SME HYDRUS, R4SME REFRESH, R4SME CLIPP, DEMO-SME XXL-REFRESH, SME Instrument CLIPP+, Biotec DAFIA ). He is also a specialist in laminating and printing technologies for flexible packaging in converting industry. Co-author of more than 10 contributions to conferences and journals, including an international patent.

Melis Akturk
Melis AkturkMaterial Engineer, Panasonic

Melis Akturk graduated Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 2016. She has a total job experience for 4.5 years and is working as a Material Engineer in Panasonic for 1.5 years.

Also she continues her Master degree in Materials Science and Engineering department in Gebze Technical University. This is her last term at the university and her thesis subject is about thermoelectric ceramic materials. Moreover, on her current job she is responsible of preparing the specification of plastic and metals materials, carrying out plastic and metal materials development and improvement on R&D operations.

Vanessa Ventosinos
Vanessa VentosinosSenior Engineer, CTAG

Is an engineer in Industrial Chemistry, with a Master Degree in Innovation Management. Joined CTAG in 2007, working as Senior Researcher within the Materials Innovation Area. Since then, Vanessa has been involved in more than 10 research projects as the technical manager and she hold 13 patents.

Akin Ozkan
Akin OzkanMechanical Engineer, Mercedes

Is a mechanical engineer and has been working for Mercedes-Benz Turk (MBT) since 2011. He took responsibilities in different scopes in Bus R&D interior trim and is now working in Engineering IT department. He is also taking responsibilities in innovation topics in MBT and writing his PhD Thesis on the part of Decoat project that is related to the MBT side.

Maxime Olive
Maxime OliveInnovation manager, RESCOLL

Dr. Dipl. Eng. Maxime OLIVE is an R&D Engineer with more than 16 years´ experience in the adhesive industry, especially formulation issues and debonding strategies. From 2010 to 2015 Maxime has worked as Team Manager of the Sustainable Chemistry Department in RESCOLL, with activities ranging from adhesive dismantling strategies to adhesive formulation (including substitutions of substances and REACH impact studies) or Life Cycle Assessment. In 2015 Maxime took a position as IP and Internal Research Manager in RESCOLL with activities devoted to the development of RESCOLL’s home technologies in smart adhesives and coatings.