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DECOAT : Reducing the environmental impact of cars, one layer at a time

The environmental impact of the automotive industry is significant, but a number of factors are driving the sector towards greater sustainability. These include new European legislation aimed at reducing the environmental impact of plastics, changes in societal priorities, and trends within the automotive industry itself, such as the transition from internal combustion vehicles

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EU Early Warning on Plastic Packaging – DECOAT to the rescue

The European Union's push towards a circular economy is both bold and commendable. However, as outlined in the EU’s early warning report of 2023, the target of 50% recycling rate for plastic packaging by 2025 is under significant threat, with 19 Member States predicted to fall short. These challenges hinge on the complexity

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A fitting finale: DECOAT at the European Coatings Show

The European Coating Show in Nürnberg is a hub for researchers, industry experts, and professionals to come together and discuss the latest advancements in coating and paint technology. It provided a platform to demonstrate the outcomes of the EU project DECOAT, aiming at enhancing the recycling of coated textiles and plastics by removing

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DECOAT General Assembly and Final Event Preparations

All DECOAT partners have gathered once again for its M47 Consortium Meeting to provide project updates and formulate plans for the last stretch of the project in 2023. The meeting was held on 24-25 November 2022 in CTAG – Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia located in Vigo, Spain. Each running work package presented

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EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles – DECOAT solutions

End of March, the ‘EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles’ was published. It guides the transition of the textiles sector to its overall goal: By 2030 textile products placed on the EU market are long-lived and recyclable, to a great extent made of recycled fibres, free of hazardous substances and produced in

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Final Report! Study on the technical, regulatory, economic and environmental effectiveness of textile fibres recycling

DECOAT is delighted to be able to share the final study on the technical, regulatory, economic, and environmental effectiveness of textile fibres recycling. The DECOAT project has participated in studying innovative technologies for the removal of coatings and laminated layers. In this report are addressed two main innovations that have shown very promising

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ISWA World Congress

The ISWA World Congress 2021 goes virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Virtual ISWA World Congress 2021 will be taking place on October 4-7. This year we will have the chance to explore yet a new format, where a fantastic scientific programme will intertwine both digital and physical aspects of the meeting. The ISWA World Congress

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