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Work Package 7 : Exploitation, Dissemination & Communication | Progress June 2021

In WP 7, focusing on exploitation, dissemination and communication, various activities have taken place. Communication and dissemination activities With regard to communication and dissemination activities, following the first year of activities the project moved to digital events due to the pandemic. The consortium partners have participated in various events such

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Work Package 5 : Demostration circular use | Progress June 2021

Activities of WP5 include : Task 5.1: Eco-design of use products in view of project technological developments Task 5.2: Manufacturing of prototypes Task 5.3: Implementation of circular use case Task 5.4: Evaluation & Guidelines for further industrial take-up The activities are for now mainly based on prototypes manufacturing. After evaluating

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Work Package 6 : Environment and Safety | Progress June 2021

In WP6 the main achievements include the evaluation of DECOAT materials and processes in terms of safety and risk assessment (T6.1) and the focus of the Safe-by-Design (SbD) strategy is in the nanoprocesses. In health impact assessment (T6.4), the model cell lines (HEPG2 and HELA) were used to evaluate DECOAT’s NMs toxicity in

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Work Package 2 : Development of coating debonding systems | Progress June 2021

The triggerable materials are integrated into coating formulations and applied onto textile and plastic substrates. After triggering, the debonding efficiency is evaluated. The by NTUA especially designed triggers have been added to coating formulations, followed by a coating process. Research already showed that the efficiency is dependent on the type of additive and

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Work Package 1 : Triggerable materials for coatings | Progress June 2021

The triggerable materials are are synthesized in order to be incorporated into coatings with the aim to enhance the debonding capacity between the layer and the substrate after triggering. What has been achieved ? NTUA has developed core-shell thermoresponsive copolymers, super absorbent polymers and magnetic nanoparticles that aid the debonding process

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Presentation of Scientific Poster on DECOAT

Ine De Vilder from Centexbel will be presenting a scientific poster on the DECOAT project at Centexbel's 2nd International Conference on a circular economy for plastics and textiles. The conference will take place on December 15th and 16th, for more information about the conference please see here.

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DECOAT, Meet the Partners: Centexbel

DECOAT, Meet the Partners: Centexbel In February 2019, ISWA and a Consortium of partners launched a new H2020 project addressing the recycling of coated and painted textile plastic materials – DeCOAT. Over the course of the next few newsletters, we will be showcasing the different project partners within the consortium. First up, it’s the project

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